Tirupati Balan

iOS Developer & Internet Entrepreneur

Lets Start From Today!!

Hi friends, after a few rnd on octopress through my mac finally deployed this blogging platform and i am very happy by using this. earlier i used blogger which has same old blogging style so compare to octopress i love to blog through this way :)

By the way, i am not a professional blogger even i dont write so much but i like reading articles mostly programming & tech related and also as a programmer i always need a help if i got stuck on something during programming so why not create a blog something in which you can also share your programming experiances with others.

Most of my daily hours spend by coding in objective-c because i am full time iOS developer since from 2011 and always want be an apple developer but also like server side languages in which i love to code in php using slim framework for developing any restful api. Through php built few of my mobile products api but now a days learning python dont know why but i found it very interesting and be loyal after learing python from http://learnpythonthehardway.org/ i am now more familier with command line :)

Through python i found that there is a amazing framework called http://www.django-rest-framework.org/ exist which is a great alternative for slim framework for me atleast :). Seriaously there are so many packages/library available in django, you just need to know how to use in your existing django-rest-framework project.

Other than this at backend side i love to use MySql or MongoDB but i am more familier with MySql compare to MongoDB.

So lets start by sharing some of my programming experiances!!